About Us

Several years ago, Arthur, the owner of Pavlove Jewelry, set out to find a unique men's bracelet, but was disappointed to find that all the options available were factory-made and lacked personality. Determined to create something special, he designed his own bracelet, but had trouble finding someone to manufacture it. Seeking advice from his wife Anna, she suggested he make it himself. Thus, Arthur crafted his first bracelet, a simple macrame design with stones. As his passion grew, the designs became more complex, and in order to further improve his skills, Arthur decided to study at a jewelry art school. After graduating in 2018, the Pavlove Jewelry brand was born.
According to Arthur, the brand's founder, "Music, good vibes, and quality materials are the ingredients needed to make gorgeous jewelry." Each piece is handcrafted, a complex, slow and meticulous process that requires special skills from the craftsman. At Pavlove Jewelry, we believe that handcrafted jewelry is more valuable than something mass-produced by a machine.
stone setting  
At Pavlove Jewelry, our design concept is to let the imagination run wild, embracing the uneven and unexpected, while paying close attention to every detail. We believe that this approach results in unique and distinctive pieces that stand out from the crowd.
Our jewelry is suitable for all seasons, and pairs well with materials such as leather and wool. It provides a pleasant feeling of warmth when paired with sweaters and leather jackets during the colder months.
At the same time, our jewelry can also complement light-weight clothing and look great on bare skin during warm, sunny weather. Pavlove Jewelry is designed to perfectly complement your personal style and enhance your sense of individuality.
Pavlove Jewelry is tested for environmental impact and durability, ensuring that our pieces are reliable and will bring you joy for years to come.